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i was enchanted to meet you,

do you remember?

Jessica {★}
10 November 1996


Guy Bias.
Girl Bias.
Guy Bias Wrecker.
Girl Bias Wrecker.
I really like pretty colors. Usually not pink, unless it's pink for SoShi. Biased forever. :) I like blue the most (obvious ELF), but no really, I do, and not just for SJ. From what you can already tell, those two are the groups I hold closest to my heart. Weird, maybe. Don't ELFs hate SNSD/SONEs? Don't SONEs hate SJ/ELFs? I am what you call a SONELF. Isn't it nice that this is pink and below is blue? I actually just noticed it now, ehehe. Fits quite nicely, don'tcha think? ;D Layout and profile by layering.

My name is Jessica. Pronounced like Jessica, as in Jung Jessica. But not Jesshika. More like, JeSIHca. The English pronunciation, see? Feel free to call me something else; Jess, Jessie/Jessy, Sica, or if you any other nickname, it's probably cool with me. Let's start off with a few of my interests!

Writing; because it's my life
Music; because it's my whole world
Talking; because I have a huge mouth (literally/figuratively)
Cracking jokes; because I'm the moodmaker
Snacking; because food is my passion
Traveling; because I love cities
Wasting time on the computer; because I can
Stalking SJ/SNSD & SMTOWN; because I'm good at it

So yeah, I'm mostly biased to SM, so don't trust me to know other groups amazingly well. If you've clicked the links, you know that KyuTae are my guy and girl biases respectively, with HyoHyuk being the wonderful bias wreckers. (Hilariously enough, they're my OTP wrecker.) You could possibly call be the biggest SuGen fan around. I love Super Generation /to death/. You probably won't find a bigger SONELF around. (Is this a challenge...?) I'd love to get to know you! Whether or not we have the same interests isn't that important. It's just the bond we could share, right?

See you around~